Getting started with the ‘Blog Guten’ is very easy. This theme needs minimal customization to make your blog look professional. When you install & activate the theme, your blog will start looking good even without any further changes. Your website will be faster & more secure with just the activation of the theme.

Please go through the following videos to get started with the theme. You can reach out to us on in case of any questions.

Installing ‘Blog Guten’ theme:

If you have already installed and activated the theme, you can skip this video. Download the free version of the theme from this link.

Editing the cover section on blog homepage:

Watch the following video to learn how to edit the cover section on the blog homepage.

Customizing Blog Guten theme options:

We have tried our best to keep this theme easy and simple. With minimal theme options, your website will look professional with this theme. Theme options are also very easy. Watch the following video to understand these theme options:



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