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About this theme:

This is a premium version of our popular WordPress theme ‘BlogGem’. If you are already using our free WordPress theme, you should definitely consider upgrading to ‘BlogGem Pro’.

With the premium version, you get more features with a quicker & deeper professional technical support.

We have made the theme fully compatible so that it can work well with any advanced plugin. The theme is extremely well-coded and thoroughly reviewed for experienced theme reviewers.

With premium version of the theme, you can take blogging website to the next level. You can improve your blog’s speed and performance. Your blog can be further optimized for better search engine ranking.

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BlogGem (Free) BlogGem Pro
Fully Responsive - Works well on all devices.
Easy Customization - Customize your website easily with live preview.
Cover Section - Add welcome message or important information on landing page.
Featured Posts - Add featured posts at the top of home page to get more traffic.
Advanced Customization - Get more options to customize your website easily.
More Color Schemes - Get more options to choose color schemes for your blog.
Typography Options - More options for "Google Font" combinations.
Footer Widgets - Add widgets to the footer area for better conversion rate.
Remove Footer Branding - Brand your website with your company name.
Quicker Support - Reach out to us for all of your WordPress questions.
Advanced Tips - Get tips & tricks to improve your website & generate more business.